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About AdSum

AdSum is source for skill base education and training.  We provide learners the instruction and tools needed to take their careers and education to the next level.


Founding members of AdSum saw the need for skill-based education and training effectively delivered through coursework designed to prepare an individual for a fulfilling career or professional life.   AdSum also recognized the need for good English-language communications skills in order for an individual to advance.  Therefore, in addition to providing education targeted to healthcare technology occupations we developed an English program.  This program is designed to assist international students, including those who have an interest in higher education in the United States.


AdSum utilizes the latest educational techniques to provide effective learning.  We have the ability to bring together a pool of qualified and talented instructors to reach out to diverse learners.


AdSum's  effective instructional design with clear learning objectives, deep content and identifiable outcomes, and our strong understanding of knowledge transfer in a condusive environment, position AdSum as the premier learning company to prepare individuals for professional development, education and career opportunities.  These features also put AdSum at the forefront of preparing foreign students for seeking higher education in the U.S.


The AdSum core team is comprised of seasoned experts who have been involved in education since the early 1990's. Our faculty brings both theoretical and practical knowledge to the classroom.


Vision: “Transforming Lives Through Learning” means preparing individuals for success.


Mission: AdSum trains and prepares a learner for a successful career and professional advancement



· AdSum provides learners with basic knowledge and practical skills in the high growth areas of healthcare technology occupations such as Medical Billing and Coding, Health Information Technology, Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Pharmacy Technician.

· AdSum offers an English program that is structured to not only develop English language proficiency but also to learn necessary life skills to prepare learners to be in the United States. Learners take the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic to demonstrate their competency in the English language.





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