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Course Catalog
  • Health Care

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected positive employment growth in the health care sector though 2018. AdSum offers courses in health care that support the infra-structure, management, administration and operations of non-clinical work. AdSum’s experienced educators have designed the curriculum to train students in the following areas necessary to work in a health care facility:
    • problem solving skills
    • application of scenarios and experiences
    • organizational skills
    • development of accuracy traits
    Equally important, AdSum prepares its students to gain credentials and certifications for career advancement.

  • Language

    In a global economy, businesses are conducted and interactions occur with some level of human diversity.   As such, AdSum’s language courses give opportunities at many levels of language competencies to improve upon a learner’s language skills.  Learners participating in the conversational language class can take advantage of AdSum’s state of the art online earning classroom with audio / video capabilities, whiteboard, document sharing, and video presentation.

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