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Speaking Everyday English

The curriculum is designed to focus on speaking English with instructor feedback on pronunciation and enunciation.  While learning to speak English from an English native speaking person, the learner learns about life skills and the essentials of daily living skills in the United States.

One of the important skills in preparing for an American academic institution is learning the essentials of being successful in an academic environment as well as how to function in an American classroom ranging from participation in discussions, listening and communicating.  Likewise for a business professional, you learn to be adept in verbal communication and present yourself professionally. The instructor facilitates discussion while student learns to speak English drawing upon her knowledge and experiences.

An exceptional resource given to AdSum students is the access to World Book Reference Database Center which is rich in content for writing and research, encyclopedic reference, acquiring new vocabulary, practical developments of English, topics on green technology, history and places, and including digital books on classics.

For a successful achievement of speaking English, the learner goes through a year's program.  There are three levels of competencies in the program.  Students who want to customize their one-on-one training for rapid learning or require special assistance and additional assistance, send your request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Corporations with specific English training needs can send a request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Prerequisites: High School Level English

Basic computer skills



Level 1

Course 1 - Introduction

The learner gets acquainted with the online classroom environment and knows the digital facility. Class members will introduce themselves and to each other, and learns the  various forms of expressions with greetings and farewells.

Course 2 - Daily Living Skills

The class discusses family, heritage and how to make friends by initiating a conversation and maintaining communication.  The topics also includes learning to express time,  environment  and basic daily living needs.

Course 3 - Relating to Community

The instructor will draw upon the learner's own interests and talk about his/her community of interests.  The discussion extends to exploring countries, culture, places of attractions and landmarks.

Level 2

Course 4 - Entertainment and Recreation

The learner has fun with using digital tools  to explore entertainment and recreation.  The learner is trained to be able to distinguish good selection of digital materials for further language development in speaking.

Course 5 - Communications

Young adult learners are  immersed in the world of cell phones and the video media for communication.   Learners become aware of the usage of words in conversational English through these digital channels.  The class members practice speaking with the awareness of influencing or persuasion.

Course 6 - Consumer Education

The sessions overall focus on consumer education.  The class covers buying an item in a store, read content on lables and discuss spending.

Level 3

Course 7 - Buildings and Transportation

The class sessions focus on the ability to give directions and engage in conversations about how to travel.  The learner will have the ability to describe residential and commercial buildings and businesses.

Course 8 - Health

The young adult learners discuss nutrition,  wellness and good healthy practices

Course 9 - Schools

The sessions focus on understanding schools and life in another country especially the U.S.  The learner  achieves the preparedness in verbal communication for furthering their education or work  in an English speaking country.

Tuition:  Includes World Book Web Reference Database Center and guidance to college and university admission.

Tuition: $7,000



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